The Amarone production technique, like that of his ancestor Recioto, has ancient origins. The grapes for the production of this wine are directly selected in the field, and only the best bunches will face a drying of about 120 days, this process allows to obtain a complex, structured and full wine, with a deep ruby ​​red color, tending to garnet with aging. The nose shows aromas of ripe red fruit, vanilla, licorice and black pepper. The taste is dry, full and harmonious.



After fermentation, which lasts 25 days, the Amarone goes on to refine in oak barrels, in which it will remain for two and a half years and then finish aging in the bottle.


Alcohol content

15 ° -16 ° according to the year.



At the table it goes well with very tasty dishes, mostly of meat, such as stews, game, braised meat and roasts, but not only, obviously perfect combined with typical Venetian dishes such as Amarone risotto and Tastasal risotto.

The serving temperature is 18-20 ° C and it is advisable to open the bottle about a couple of hours before to allow the wine to release all the aromas that distinguish it. For very old years it is advisable to pour the Amarone in a Decanter before tasting.